Tiger Tattoo Designs for Masculinity

women Siger Tattoo Designs on Hhigh

Tiger tattoo designs for men and women often look scary for certain people. However, they also possess meanings which represent good characters. Tiger is known as the fiercest animal in the jungle which represents bravery, power, majesty, strength, courage, pride, and stealth. Basically it has very good characters for humans to imitate. Apart from it, over and over tiger tattoo designs are frequently loved by both men and women alike. People often make tiger tattoo with certain statement to make it fiercer.

With contrasting colors on the striated, paws, jaws, sharp eyes of tiger, and its whiskers have make it so masculine for men. Although tiger tattoo is often seen as masculinity symbol, recently women are interested in having tiger tattoo. Men often have tattoo tiger on shoulders, back, or chest and it is very ideal for them. For women the ideal area for tattoo tiger is located on lower back or stomach. Having tiger tattoo designs will make most men are more masculine and sexier for women.


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tiger tattoo designs for women Tiger Tattoo Designs for Masculinity

Tiger Tattoo Designs for Women

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