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Samoan tattoo designs were originally from Samoan people. Samoan tattoo belongs to tribal tattoo to which it is not clearly known where the Samoan people acquire the art of tattooing. Samoan tattoo is painted upon the skin and the traditional Samoan people tattoo some body parts and it takes a long time to complete. The process of making Samoan tattoo designs is very painful and takes many weeks. Not only Samoan men who are tattooed by tattooist but so do Samoan women.

Samoan tattooing used to be very hard and took procedure. In tattooing, Samoan people use tattooing combs in different types such as tattooing comb which is used to fill in the large dark areas of tattoo. Comb for making thick lines, comb for making small marks, and also a tool for striking the comb which is made of coconut palm leaf. In Samoan tattoo designs knows several steps of tattooing such as deciding the height of the tattoo.


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cool samoan tattoo designs for men Samoan Tattoo Designs

Cool Samoan Tattoo Designs for Men

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