Phoenix Tattoo Designs Meaning

Phoenix Tattoo Designs for Men

Phoenix tattoo designs symbolize the birth or resurrection of the difficulties which is an adaptation of the Ancient Greeks of Bennu bird from Egypt. Phoenix in Egyptian mythology is the legendary bird that is sacred. Fire Bird is described as having a very beautiful fur that has color red and yellow. In the myth, Phoenix can live for 500 or 1461 years. Having lived for it, Phoenix burned himself. After that, from the ashes come the young phoenixes. Phoenix bird life cycle such that (regeneration) rise again after death, then emerged as a new figure.

Many people use phoenix tattoo designs because design Phoenix is a symbol of eternity, the symbol of the cycle of life after death, and a symbol of the resurrection of the body after death. For this reason there is hope for people who use phoenix tattoo design as their hopes of immortality. And then to make your design beautiful, add with different colors on the design to make it look more colorful and make phoenix tattoo designs is very full of meaning for those people who use this design.


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phoenix tattoo designs meaning Phoenix Tattoo Designs Meaning

Phoenix Tattoo Designs Meaning

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