Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Japanese sleeve tattoos are what about to discuss. For you who are addicted to collect tattoos, it is recommended to put a Japanese sleeve tattoo on your body. The designs of Japanese sleeve tattoos is unique, since it lies the beauty of the painting. Not only showing the art of body painting, each of Japanese sleeve tattoo also shows different meaning.

There are many types of Japanese sleeve tattoos, but the most known are cherry blossom tattoos, Koi fish tattoos, dragon tattoos, Hannya Masks tattoos, and many more. Cherry blossom, also known as Sakura, are used to represent life in Japanese sleeve tattoos. Koi fish tattoo strongly represents luck. Dragon tattoo represents the strength to supernatural powers. Hannya Masks tattoos are believed to bring a good luck to the surrounding. This ancient-body-painting is dedicated to the Japanese history of body painting in 3rd century A.D. So, if you are interested to put it in your body, you better know its meaning and ‘power’.


Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Men

black and white japanese sleeve tattoos Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Black and White Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Gallery of Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

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